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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Music comes as close to expressing that which is inexpressible ~ Aldous Huxley

Welcome Friends and Music Lovers!

For me, the aforementioned quote touches the very essence of what it means to be an artist: that insatiable desire to journey within the inner sanctum of one's emotional and spiritual psyche, and on those rare and treasured occasions, to grasp the very face of beauty itself.

The genesis of this blog dates from a period in contemporary history, where the world collectively is facing enormous challenges. Turning on the news, one can witness to the tumult which faces countries throughout the world, on a health, economic and even societal level - the result of course of a pandemic currently sweeping the globe. My country of Canada is no less affected, and no less bravely confronting this challenge.  

People are giving pause in the many different circumstances of their lives, to reflect upon the question as to whether one is going to sit idly by, or be part of the solution. I have chosen, in my own small way, to be part of the solution and to thus bring a little bit of light, beauty, personal perspective not to mention good cheer into the world, with the help of something of which I am passionate.

My love of music has taken me on many exciting journeys thus far. I have been blessed with opportunities to see the professional realms of the classical music world from the perspective of the performance artist, a lecturer for the Glenn Gould School, a teacher, a masterclass clinician, an adjudicator at all levels, and a recording pianist.   

It is my hope that this blog will serve as a forum in which to explore aspects of pianism, general musicianship, pedagogy, the role of music in contemporary society, as well as an introduction to the student, the connoisseur, and those looking to learn more about the wonderful gift which is music.  

Please feel free to peruse my category list and to keep in touch with my latest postings – which I hope to share at least two to three times per short, if it’s classical music focused, anything goes!

I hope you will join me on this exploration of one of the world's greatest gifts – Music!

All the best, and...if music be the food of love, indeed, play on!


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